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IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the email address you provide is correct and valid. The booking confirmation, along with all booking reminders, will be sent to this email.
IMPORTANT: Please note that the maximum weight is 110kg, if any of the jumpers is over this weight, call us.

Camera Option

You can check details and samples of our camera packages here: Video/Photo Packages
You can decide your camera package before you get in the plane. But if you'd like one of our outside camera options, we highly recommend you pre-book. We will need to reserve an extra space for your personal camera flyer and spaces are limited:

Under NZ Civil Aviation laws, no tandem passenger is allowed to carry their own phone or camera during their jump. Please be kind to our staff as this is not something we can control.

How long do you have to travel to get to us? (2 Kittyhawk Way, Mount Maunganui) We will need this information just in case we have to call you in the morning if the weather isn't looking good for the day of your jump.

If you are using any voucher or gift certificate, please enter it here:

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